Explore the big issues defining life in Greater Richmond with your host, Rich Meagher.

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RVA’s Got Issues delves into the politics and big issues defining life in and around Richmond, Virginia. What’s being done to keep housing affordable? How do we combat gun violence? Will longer school years resolve decades-long education gaps? Host Richard Meagher connects with guests to discuss the past, present, and future impact of these questions so you know what’s happening in the news. 

RVA’s Got Issues will also spotlight people who are pushing for change in their communities. You’ll hear stories of people who are making a difference, despite widespread civic apathy. Who knows, maybe you’ll get some ideas. If you do, or if you have questions about your community, write to us at [email protected]. 


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RVA’s Got Issues is hosted by Rich Meagher

Richard J. Meagher, pronounced MARR, is a Professor of Political Science at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Virginia, and the Director of Social Entrepreneurship. With expertise in local and state politics, particularly in Richmond, Virginia, he is a sought-after commentator featured in various media outlets including WRIC 8 News, the New York Times, and the Washington Post. Rich authored “Local Politics Matters” in 2020, advocating for civic engagement at the city and county levels. Rich holds advanced degrees from the City University of New York and resides in Richmond with his wife and two daughters.